Your Team

Matthew P. Jarvis, CFP®, ChFC

Matthew’s role on your team

Matthew provides the bulk of the team’s technical expertise. His expertise has been featured in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal and he speaks regularly at industry training events. Matthew is also responsible for continually looking for ways to improve the services we provide to clients.

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Nathaniel Jarvis, CFP

Nathaniel’s role on your team

Nathaniel is responsible for all of the behind the scenes number crunching, which means every report you receive from our office started on his desk. He also handles most aspects of maintaining our client investment portfolio and provides backup for clients when Matthew is unavailable.

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Colleen Martin

Colleen’s role on your team

Colleen’s primary duty is making sure clients have anything and everything they want or need. From scheduling appointments, to service items, to sending documents to your other professionals, Colleen is our clients’ primary point of contact.

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The rest of our team

We have intentionally limited the size of our firm to ensure that every client receives the very highest level of personalized service. Despite our small size, we maintain a network of professionals whose knowledge and experience rivals that of the largest firms. This includes:

Insurance Experts
Mortgage / Banking Experts
Charitable Giving Experts

If this sounds like a team with whom you would enjoy working, read our commitment to always acting in your best interest.